Daisy – Year 2

Year 2 - Daisies: Fun & Friendship

Welcome back to Daisies! Girl Scouts in Kindergarten and Grade 1 should focus on having fun and making friends!

Follow this plan for a fun and easy experience during your first year of Daisies. Look for council or service unit events (or helpful parents!) to help you complete these activities.

This plan is built around a 60-minute meeting, twice per month plus a few additional field trips to places outside of your meeting space. Download a pdf of the plan here.

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1 meeting - Back to Troop Family Meeting - Daisy Petal Promise Center

Official Daisy Tunic

Official Daisy Vest

Daisy Year 2 Essential Badge Bundle

Daisy Year 2 Essential Badge Requirements Bundle

Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2023 Patch


2 meetings

Shapes In Nature

Shapes In Nature Badge Requirements


2 meetings

Good Neighbor Badge

Good Neighbor Badge Requirements


1 meeting (Prepare for Cookie Season)

Shapes In Nature


2 meetings (Cookie Season)

Cookie Goal Setter Badge

Cookie Goal Setter Badge Requirements


2 meetings + Council or Service Unit event

Democracy for Daisies Badge

Democracy for Daisies Badge Requirements

World Thinking Day 2024 Award


2 meetings + Field Trip + Cookie Booth

Outdoor Art Maker Badge

Outdoor Art Maker Badge Requirements


2 meetings

Design A Robot Badge

Robotics Badge Requirements


2 meetings and End-Of-Year Bridging Ceremony

Toy Business Designer Badge

Toy Business Designer Badge Requirements

Bridge to Brownie Kits


Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge + Girl Scouts Love State Parks

Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge 2023 Patch