GS Plus Unlimited Free Shipping Plan

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Shipping is FREE if your order includes at least $10 of eligible items (for example, badges, patches, uniforms, insignia, apparel and more).

With FREE shipping, your order is delivered 5–8 business days after all your items are available to ship.

Items not eligible towards FREE shipping are gift cards, pre-orders, event tickets, Build-A-Bear, pick-up only and non-retail merchandise.

Ineligible accounts, canceling items, combining orders, changing your shipping address, adding multiple addresses, and expedited shipping will affect your order’s FREE shipping eligibility.

Purchases made prior to the activation of the FREE shipping plan are not eligible for a refund and price adjustment.

Once purchased, your GS+ Unlimited Free Shipping plan will be processed and added to your account. This may take 24 hours to reflect in your cart for purchases. If you have items included in your cart at time of purchase, a shipping fee will appear on your order but will be removed manually once your order is completed.

Girl Scout members who wish to take advantage of the FREE shipping plan at the full retail value of $79 will purchase the plan online, and once activated, use it for future orders. The email associated with the purchaser’s account will be the ONLY online account authorized to receive FREE shipping. FREE shipping cannot be transferred or shared.


Girl Scout members who purchase the FREE shipping plan will receive FREE shipping from date of purchase until 11:59 p.m. on April 1, 2023.

The FREE shipping plan will not be pro-rated or reduced in price at any time throughout the year.

Log in with your online account.

Add at least $10 of eligible items to your shopping cart.
Proceed to checkout.
Enter a U.S.-eligible delivery address.
FREE shipping for eligible customers will automatically be applied upon checkout. No coupon or code is required.

Lifetime member discounts are not applicable on “GSPlus Unlimited Free-Shipping Plan” orders.