Ambassador – Year 1

Year 1 - Ambassadors: Future and Fun

Welcome to Ambassadors! Your Awesome Year as a Girl Scout Volunteer!

Follow this plan for a fun and easy experience. Look for council or service unit events (or helpful parents!) to help you complete these activities.

11th grade Ambassadors are flexing their independence and taking the world by storm. Whether they’re budgeting for a troop trip or planning their first dinner party, they are making big things happen for themselves. This guide will help you as your Girl Scouts explore activities focused on discovery, confidence, and practical skills that will help them be their best selves. When you use this plan to map out your 90-minute meetings and activities, you’ll see just how simple it can be to make a huge difference in your Girl Scouts’ lives. Get ready for a year of adventure and excitement as you help them grow. Download a pdf of the plan here.

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2 meetings + Outing

Official Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Vest Girl Scout Kit

Official Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Sash Girl Scout Kit

Ambassador Year 1 Essential Badge Bundle

Ambassador Year 1 Essential Badge Requirements Bundle

Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2024 Patch

Trail Adventure Badge

Trail Adventure Badge Requirements


2 meetings

Coding Basics Badge

Coding for Good Badge Requirements

My Financial Independence Badge

My Financial Independence Badge Requirements


2 meetings

College Knowledge Badge

College Knowledge Badge Requirements

Coding Basics Badge



1 meeting (prepare for cookie season)

Dinner Party Badge

Digital Game Design Badge


2 meetings (Cookie Season)

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin – Year 1

Cookie Entrepreneur Ambassador Pin Year 1

Dinner Party Badge


2 meetings (Cookie Season)

Photographer Badge

My Financial Independence Badge

World Thinking Day 2025 Award

Girl Scout trefoil - online blank product image


2 meetings

Resilient. Ready. Strong. Sew-On Patch

57244_main-01.default (1)

College Knowledge Badge

61622_main-01.default (1)


2 Meetings

Outdoor Art Master Badge

Outdoor Art Master Badge Requirements

Resilient. Ready. Strong. Sew-On Patch


1 Meeting + Celebration

Outdoor Art Master Badge


Continuation from April


Final Travel Planning

Photographer Badge


Continuation from February

Girl Scouts GCNWI Get Outdoors Challenge 2024 Patch