Automotive Engineering 2 Junior Badge

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Find out how automotive engineers fuel the future by building and testing vehicles. Then, create your own model of an alternative fuel vehicle!

Juniors explore how automotive engineers build vehicles to meet a given set of criteria. They work together to create an engineering plan for an alternative fuel vehicle, then they build, test, and improve it. They prototype vehicles using household items like a mousetraps, balloons, and rubberbands to model alternative fuel. They also learn how simple machines are combined to make a vehicle and look at the future of automotive engineering.

1. Learn about simple machines in vehicles
2. Engineer a vehicle that uses alternative fuel
3. Build a vehicle prototype
4. Test and revise your vehicle prototype
5. Share your vehicle prototype and testing results

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to use the Design Thinking Process to plan, build, test, and improve prototypes.