Business Creator Cadette Badge

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Become a business creator and learn the skills you need for success in life, no matter what future path you choose.

Cadettes learn to think like entrepreneurs by creating a prototype for a product or service that solves a local, national, or global issue. They get feedback by organizing a focus group, conducting a survey, and/or using a SWOT analysis, then they revise their prototype, research competitors, and interview industry experts. They also create a business plan that covers costs, marketing strategy, and how they'll grow the business. Then they pitch their idea to friends, family, or classmates.

1. Come up with an idea that solves a problem
2. Design a prototype and get feedback
3. Revise your prototype
4. Create your business plan
5. Make your pitch

When you've earned this badge, you will have learned to think like an entrepreneur when you come up with a business idea that solves a problem, produce a prototype, solicit feedback, improve your idea, then create a business plan and pitch it.