Entrepreneur Accelerator Ambassador Badge

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Burbank Shop | 6
Chicago Shop | 5
Greene Wood Shop | 4
Joliet Shop | 11
Schererville Shop | 6
Vernon Hills Shop | 4
Volunteer Expo | OUT OF STOCK


Think and act like an entrepreneur as you bring your business vision to life, learn how to work with a team, and motivate people to take a chance with you.

1. Come up with a business idea and create a prototype
2. Develop a customer profile
3. Conduct market research and connect with an entrepreneur
4. Come up with a business model and refine your prototype
5. Pitch your business to a finance or marketing professional

When you've earned this badge, you will have the skills to come up with a business idea, produce a prototype, identify your customers, solicit feedback, improve your idea, then create a business plan and pitch it.