Craft And Tinker Bownie Badge

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Burbank Shop | 37
Chicago Shop | 31
Greene Wood Shop | 62
Joliet Shop | 60
Schererville Shop | 41
Vernon Hills Shop | 52


Makers are problem solvers. They craft objects people can use.

All it takes are tools, materials, and some imagination!

Make pottery or jewelry, try woodworking or sewing, or tinker with circuits for this badge.

The option are endless for what to make!

With the Brownie Craft and Tinker badge, you’ll get a chance to:

1. Explore making
2. Learn the basics
3. Figure out the function
4. Discover form and fit
5. Tinker with your craft

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to craft and tinker to solve a problem.

Made in USA.

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